Rejuvenated Soul

Nourish & Nurture Your Mind, Body & Soul

I am passionate about YOUR health and well-being.


Signature Experiences

My treatments and group sessions include health and wellbeing coaching/workshops eg gut health, shibashi tai chi qigong, sound harmonisation, colour therapy, reiki, rahanni meditation and breathwork.
I also run individual and corporate health and well-being retreats.

Musical Spine Experience

Tuning Your Mind, Body & Soul

Meditation, Breath Work & Mindfulness

Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong

Tailored Packages

Rejuvenated Soul offers relaxing, tailored packages for organisations looking to rejuvenate their employees’ health and well-being.

Sound Harmonisation

Tai Chi Qigong

Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and restores balance to your mind, body, and soul. Through hands-on or non-contact methods, Reiki delivers revitalising energy to enhance your overall well-being. 

Rahanni, the ‘of one heart’ healing approach, cultivates balance, releases negative energies, and fosters well-being. Through hands-on or non-contact techniques, it brings about transformative outcomes.

What we do

Our Specialities

I offer sessions aimed at supporting and assisting individuals in achieving their goals. These sessions consist of self-assessment exercises, practical tools, valuable tips, and meaningful discussions focused on what you wish to accomplish. Developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness forms a crucial initial stride towards achieving alignment with your mind, body, and soul. Understanding yourself is the key to unlocking the path to realising your aspirations in life.

8 Dimensions of Wellness


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  • Caring for your body to stay healthy now and in the future.
  • Growing intellectually, maintaining curiosity about all there is to learn, valuing lifelong learning, and responding positively to intellectual challenges.
  • Expanding knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing your gifts with others.
  • Preparing for and participating in work that provides personal satisfaction and life enrichment that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle
  • Contributing your unique gifts, skills, and talents to work that is personally meaningful and rewarding.
  • Managing your resources to live within your means, making informed financial decisions and investments, setting realistic goals, and preparing for short-term and long-term needs or emergencies.
  • Being aware that everyone’s financial values, needs, and circumstances are unique.
  • Finding purpose, value, and meaning in your life with or without organized religion
  • Participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values
  • Understanding and respecting your feelings, values, and attitudes
  • Appreciating the feelings of others
  • Managing your emotions in a constructive way
  • Feeling positive and enthusiastic about your life
  • Maintaining healthy relationships, enjoying being with others, developing friendships and intimate relations, caring about others, and letting others care about you.
  • Contributing to your community.
  • Understanding how your social, natural, and built environments affect your health and well-being.
  • Being aware of the unstable state of the earth and the effects of your daily habits on the physical environment.
  • Demonstrating commitment to a healthy planet.